Compound Cone Crusher

Description : PFYB serise cone crushers are widely used in the industries of metallurgy, building material, road construction, chemical engineering & silicate, is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with hardness of medium or above.


Introductions of Compound Cone Crusher


General Introduction:

The cone srusher of PYFB widely used in the industries of metallurgy, building material, road construction, chemical engineering & silicate, is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with hardness of medium or above. The machine has such features as big power. High efficiency, high handling capacity, low operation cost, easy adjustment, economical operation and longer running performance. Evcn granularity of the crushed product reduces the circulation load, and furthermore by introducing the hydraulic cleaning chamber system into the crushers of middle and large size, the down time is reduced accordingly. The user may choose different type of chamber upon different request freely, because of the wide range of products to be provided.

The big type machine adopts hydraulic safe system. The spring safety system is the protection unit against overload, and keeps the crushing chamber from being damaged by foreign substance or iron pieces.

The machine is divided into two types, the standard type and the short head type. Consequentially the standard type is generally used for medium and coarse material, and the short head type for medium and fine material.

Benefits and advantages of Cone crusher

1. Higher capacity and less wear costs.

2. Wide range of application suitability.

3. Easy to maintain, reduce the downtime and maintenance costs.

4. Stable running performance and easy operation.

5. Stable bevel wheel transmission device.

6. Balanced runout rotation ensures best capacity.

7. Proper operation, continuously load until the machine shut down scheduled.

Working principle of Cone crusher

When the Cone crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric bearing bushing via spring coupling, transmission shaft and a couple of cone gear wheel. The crushing cone axis is forced to swing by the eccentric bearing bushing, which makes the mantle sometimes close to the bowl liner, and sometimes far away from the bowl liner. The raw materials are pressed, impacted and finally crushed in the crushing chamber.

Main Technical Data of Compound Cone Crusher


Cavity Type

Mantle Dia

Discharge Range
Max Feeding

Motor Power



Φ900 PYFB-0910 Standard Fine 900 9-22 85 45-91 75 12367 2700×2275×2115
PYFB-0917 Standard Coarse 13-38 150 59-163 12221
PYFB-0918 StandardSupper Coarse 25-38 150 118-163 12220
PYFD-0904 Short Head Fine 3-13 35 27-90 13164
PYFD-0906 Short Head Medium 3-16 51 27-100 13321
PYFD-0907 Short Head Coarse 6-19 65 59-129 13316
Φ1300 PYFB-1313 Standard Fine 1295 13-31 115 109-181 160 22476 2983×1866×3156
PYFB-1321 Standard Medium 16-38 178 132-253 22167
PYFB-1324 Standard Coarse 19-51 205 172-349 22120
PYFB-1325 Standard Supper Coarse 25-51 220 236-358 22125
PYFD-1306 Short Head Fine 3-16 54 36-163 21703
PYFD-1308 Short Head Medium 6-16 78 82-163 21675
PYFD-1310 Short Head Coarse 8-25 89 109-227 21789
PYFD-1313 Short Head Supper Coarse 16-25 113 209-236 21821
Φ1600 PYFBII-1620 Standard Fine 1676 16-38 178 181-327 250 41460 3900×2930×3242
PYFBII-1624 Standard Medium 22-51 205 258-417 41087
PYFBII-1626 Standard Coarse 25-64 228 299-635 40834
PYFBII-1636 Standard Supper Coarse 38-64 313 431-630 40674
PYFDII-1607 Short Head Fine 5-13 60 90-209 40734
PYFDII-1608 Short Head Medium 6-19 76 136-281 40614
PYFDII-1613 Short Head Coarse 10-25 113 190-336 40531
PYFDII-1614 Short Head Supper Coarse 13-25 129 253-336 40374
Φ2100 PYFBII-2127 Standard Fine 2134 19-38 236 544-1034 400 86730 4613×3302×4638
PYFBII-2133 Standard Medium 25-51 284 862-1424
PYFBII-2136 Standard Coarse 31-64 314 1125-1814
PYFBII-2146 Standard Supper Coarse 38-64 391 1252-1941
PYFDII-2110 Short Head Fine 5-16 89 218-463 89500
PYFDII-2113 Short Head Medium 10-19 113 404-580
PYFDII-2117 Short Head Coarse 13-25 151 517-680
PYFDII-2120 Short Head Supper Coarse 16-25 172 580-744


  1. The producing capacity indicated in the table largely depends on the feed size, type of crushing chamber,density of material, cleanness of material and water content.
  2. The minimum discharge opening refers to the minimum discharge opening that can be realized without causing support sleeve to jump. It is related to material, and subject to variation.
  3. The producing capacity can be attained only under the condition of open flow, and when compression strength is 140Mpa~150Mpa,the water content not more than 4%,the oversize and undersize not more or less than 10%,and the load of motor between 85%-90% of full load as well as even feeding.
  4. The height of machine includes feeding frame.
  5. The four digits in the model means :the first two are 1/100 of the diameter of the crushing cone ,and the rest are 1/10 of the size of the discharge opening on open edge.
  6. The Data is subject to variation without further notice.

Catologue of Compound Cone Crusher


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